REHAB SUCCESS STORY: Resident not able to put pressure on her right leg returns home right as rain

Our rehab star of the month is Jowan Brand. When Jowan entered Bayshore, she was unable to put any weight or pressure on her right leg. Unable to walk, she was limited to a wheelchair in order to get around. Bayshore’s team of physical therapists put together a specialized program where Jowan would work on strengthening exercises, pain management, walking with a walker and climbing stairs.

Motivated to work hard in therapy so she could return home to her dog, Jowan achieved great success in her program. She is now able to walk over 300 feet with her walker and is grateful to the staff of Bayshore. “They were all helpful and careful,” says Jowan. “I’m happy to be going home, but if I cannot make it at home, I would be happy to come back here.”

While she is always welcome to come back, we wish Jowan much luck with her transition back home and know she is going to do great.