REHAB SUCCESS STORY Hard work in therapy enables resident to continue living independently

Our rehab star of the month is Mary Koski.

When Mary entered Bayshore, she was very weak and needed assistance getting around in a wheelchair, as well as dressing and grooming.

Bayshore’s therapists put together a specialized program where Mary would work on strengthening exercises and other activities so she could move around in a safe and secure manner.

Mary worked very hard with the goal of returning home and living independently once again. She achieved great success in her program. She is now able to walk, exercise and also take care of herself and all of her needs at home. The staff feels is ready to return home and can safely live independently. Mary commented, “I feel like I have accomplished all of my set out goals. My therapists did a great job.”

We wish Mary the best of luck and congratulate her on her efforts and accomplishments.